Aerial Inspection

Real Time Data

We provide your inspector with a live video feed, giving your inspector the ability of inspecting dangerous and hard to reach assets from the safety of the ground. Our pilots will work directly with your inspector to assure you receive a successful report.

Strategic Photo and Video Documentation

During the inspection, our pilots can record any amount of high quality photos and video to further add to your inspection documentation.

Aerial Inspection Examples


Keep your operators safe by performing inspections from the ground. 

Wind turbines

As an essential source of energy, we understand the importance of keeping your assets operating at the most efficient rate. Reduce down time and risk by performing the inspections from the ground with our trained pilots while still obtaining quality data. 


Aerial photography and infrared data collection is an extremely cost efficient way to inspect power lines, sub stations, towers, and other essential assets. 


Eficiently inspect utility infrastructures such as water towers, above ground pipelines, and drainage systems. 

Oil and Chemical plant equipment

Keep your employees out of harms way and inspect assets from a safe distance.

Cell Tower

With our state of the art systems we can record high quality imaging from extreme heights without putting your employees at risk.

Much More!

Start reducing workplace risk with our services and give us a call about any questions you have about aerial inspections we haven't mentioned.