Here you will find some of the service we provide. Feel free to contact us if your needs arn't listed below. 

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Aerial Inspection

SkyCam utilizes state of the art small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)/Drones to capture High Definition aerial images and video, allowing easy access and inspection of dangerous hard to reach equipment.

Aerial Thermal Imaging

With the use of FLIR radiometric thermal imaging cameras, SkyCam can perform thermal imaging inspections of buildings, infrastructure, power lines, sub stations, utilities, stacks, solar pannels, ect. 

Aerial Mapping

Using high quality imaging with strategic flight patterns, we are able to provide you with high resolution Georeferenced Orthomosaic Maps.

3D Point Cloud Mapping

We use high powered cameras to capture high resolution 3D Point Cloud Data. We can generate 3D topographical maps, 3d models of building or infrastructure, and much more.

Stock Pile Measurements

Accurately measure stockpiled inventory, at a fraction of the time and cost of other methods

Aerial Photo and Video

SkyCam can provide high quality photography and 4k video for events, real estate, insurance and advertising. 

Insurance Claims

Use our aerial photography and and mapping to document insurance claims for roof damage, fires, storm damage, crop loss, equipment damage, and much more  

Agricultural Mapping

Viable and actionable data for maximum crop efficiency.  Reports include: plant count, sowing quality, plant health, weed and pest detection, disease analysis, and water stress.

Emergency Services

SkyCam will assist Fire and Police municipalities with Search and Rescue, oil and chemical spills, commercial and residential fires, and much more.